Are Online Guitar lessons Better Than Taking Them In Person?

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Are Online Guitar lessons Better Than Taking Them In Person?

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Many people that want to learn to play guitar are choosing online lessons more than ever. There are so many digital resources available these days that I am beginning to wonder if many people have forgotten about the traditional way of learning the guitar - in person. Obviously, that's not the case, there are still people taking lessons in person. But it's hard to argue that the online learning route isn't growing in popularity.

There are many advantages that taking guitar lessons online offer. Let's look at some of them and consider why people choose the digital route.

More Options


When shopping around your local area for guitar teachers, you're most likely not going to have many choices. When you factor in their specific schedule openings, the choices grow even smaller. This is definitely not the case when you choose virtual guitar lessons. There are a plethora of choices online. You can learn any style or technique you could ever dream of! Learning online gives you the choice to learn from instructors from all around the world. This factor alone is what sells most people I've spoken to when choosing to take online guitar lessons.

Learn at any time, anyplace


Another major plus in learning online guitar lessons is time flexibility. Life is busier than ever these days which constrains your time for learning new things to unique time windows throughout your daily schedule. This, of course, is different for everyone, but it doesn't matter. You can learn to play guitar virtually any time of day at any place imaginable. This gives you full control over your lesson times, and that is a beautiful thing!

Real Talk


Listen, I'm not saying to never take a lesson from someone in person. Definitely not! Nothing can compare to jamming with another player (or drummer) in person and really locking it in. But..., there are so many avenues of learning available online that to not at least give one a shot would be somewhat irresponsible for someone who is genuinely trying to learn a guitar style or to improve on what they already know. The take away I want to leave our readers with is this - there is no room for excuses to not improve your playing skills!

Get Resourceful


We here at GPC love guitar. It's what we do. We're always encouraging our friends and customers to never stop learning and improving their skills! Use the infinite resource of YouTube or other online lesson venues to get your chops up and never settle for mediocracy. Don't be that guy at the party that plays Smoke On The Water all night..... get better and learn new riffs every day!

Below are a few of the best online guitar lesson resources we could find. Hopefully, they can help you get to the next level. Click the images below to learn more.

Our Top Online Lesson Picks

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  • Guitar Tricks is a step-by-step learning system that's designed to make learning guitar easy. Nothing else is as beginner-friendly as Guitar Tricks.
  • Guitar Tricks has over 11,000 guitar lessons, more than any other site.
  • Guitar Tricks has taught nearly 3 million people how to play guitar, more than most other guitar lessons sites combined.
  • Guitar Tricks has more than double the song lessons of any other guitar learning site, over 800+ last time we counted. Our songs are the ones people want to learn, from major artists like The
  • Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Eagles, etc., and we add multiple new songs every single week.
  • Guitar Tricks has a 60 day, no questions asked money-back guarantee. The best in the business.
  • Guitar Tricks invented online guitar lessons back in 1998. You can also share your affiliate link on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and more!

Learn Guitar from World Class Teachers

JamPlay™ is a leader in online guitar lessons. If you are just getting started with guitar or are interested in improving, you have come to the right place. Perfect for both the beginner guitarist to seasoned musicians. Start taking guitar lessons from world-class artists. Beginner to advanced covering all genres with over 400 courses, 89 guitar teachers, and effective teaching tools.


  • ShredNugent

    i love taking online lessons, if i’m learning something tough, i just hit replay and pause until i get it down!

  • LuthierDude1975

    I used to think taking lessons online was a little weird or didn’t really work. Had a buddy who I jammed with regularly. This guy took traditional lessons since he was a kid and was a good rhythm player. He started taking online lessons to learn lead guitar, I guess he never had anyone to take lessons on soloing, sweep- picking, etc. The dude is amazing now! long story short, he encouraged me to take lessons online. I tried jamorama but switched to . They seemed the best for my personal needs.

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