Donner DWS-2 Rechargeable Wireless Guitar System Review

Donner DWS-2 Rechargeable Wireless Guitar System Review

Donner Rechargeable Wireless Guitar System DWS-2Wireless transmitting tends to become a tedious chore when you’re not getting the right signals and tones to cut through the mix. Thanks to today’s technology, however, we’re delighted to share what we think about the Donner’s DWS-2 Wireless Guitar System.

Details & Specs

  • Easy-to-use, plug-and-play wireless system for guitars and bass; providing high-quality tone and short delays (less than 2.5ms latency)
  • Uncompressed wireless transmitting up to 100 feet
  • Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with 2.5 hours of operation (USB port for charging)
  • Simultaneous support for 4 sets of devices – CH1-CH1 to CH4-CH4
  • Head can be rotated up to 180 degrees, fit for most electric instruments
  • Retailed at $85; compact and lightweight at 7 ounces

Size is obviously no deterrent to power and performance. Take the Donner DWS-2 for example, with its transmitter/receiver features an uncompressed wireless transmitting which can serve various performance needs, without compromising anything. A 100-ft transmitting range with support for up to 4 instruments could even be way more than we bargained for!

If you’re used to wired connections, you might be hesitant with going wireless. With the DWS-2, however, there’s enough reason that should convince you to try it. For starters, it’s a digital transmitter – with digital units there’s likely to be less latency, which makes room for more accurate tones and richer qualities. Compromise in tone and quality is always the musician’s enemy, but that can be beaten by the DWS-2’s ability to transmit completely unadulterated signal.

What we particularly like about this unit is its rechargeability. Nowadays, this feature is more common – lithium batteries are, of course, the most reliable power sources for the most common gadgets that we use. Being battery-powered is a great asset; you can save up on a lot of money just by recharging, and you will no longer have to worry about the costs of replacing cables (and take note, batteries are way more affordable).

The batteries come in preinstalled, and there’s an extra set you can use so you can easily switch when you need to. They also come with a single USB cable, which you can use to charge the batteries one at a time. The downside to batteries, however, is that rigorous practice may require more replacements than you’re used to. We think this is a feature that could be much improved in the next wireless transmitter set from Donner if ever there’s a planned release.

The 4-channel support perhaps its most appealing feature. For a very small-sized system, this alone is very impressive. We’re thinking of heavy transmitting/receiving not just from guitars, but also bass instruments. We were also barely aware of the delay, so that’s up a score on convenience.

The DWS-2, being very light and compact, means you get to walk and move around the set as much as you like. It doesn’t protrude or get in the way of playing. This freedom is always great to have since you will be more focused on your performance.

Is it for you?

We found the DWS-2 to be far better than we expected, more impressively when you weigh all its great features on its small size. Range performs as promised and quality is rich as it can get, so why don’t you give it a try?

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  • Ray

    Can i buy a second transmitter to use with a single receiver? Can i use regular AA batteries if the rechargeable batteries die? Thanks for any input.

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