Donner Yellow Fall Analog Delay Pedal Review

Donner Yellow Fall Analog Delay Pedal Review

Donner Yellow Fall Vintage Pure Analog Delay Guitar Effect PedalWhen it comes to pedals, it all depends on preference. For this review, one of our preferred options for delay pedals is Donner’s Yellow Fall Delay pedal, which is a great option for both starters and professionals.

Donner Yellow Fall Delay Pedal Details & Specs

  • 3-knob effect pedal made of pure analog, whole circuit delay: 20ms-620ms
  • Aluminum-alloy classic full metal design for durability and long-lasting protection
  • True Bypass technology for zero tone-coloration (bypass switch on/off)
  • LED indicator for working state
  • Power plug requires a 5.5 diameter; adapter needs an OUT-DC 9V-500mA 4.5W
  • Retailed at $35; 8 ounces

It can be very time-consuming to look for the right analog delay pedal, so here’s why we think you should check out Donner’s Yellow Fall Analog Delay.

Looking like any other compact, full metal-enclosed, knobbed pedal, the YFD mainly and seamlessly works for different styles because of its True Bypass switch. Any time delay in between 20ms-620ms can give you fully transparent, unaltered tones, so it doesn’t really matter what instrument you might need to use this with. The three knobs are for Echo (mixing), Time for the delays, and Feedback for commonly desired repetitions.

Donner pedals are known for being the “budget” pedals, but that doesn’t mean they’re of less quality than the expensive ones. In fact, they could even score higher on the flexibility and durability aspects. The YFD is a fantastic, long-term companion – consistent in rounding or fattening up sounds with no compromise whatsoever. When we tested it, we found out it perfectly delivers the signal from the pickup to the amp; no diminishing or boosting.

However, we uncovered a few minor drawbacks:

  1. As an analog, it requires a matter of feel. If you’ve just started with analogs, then treat this one as your next practicing tool.
  2. There is no battery option. This slightly reduces the convenience score afforded by its compact size. An external power supply is then needed.
  3. Given the size, the knobs are tiny, almost diminutive as compared to other pedals. This can only get frustrating if you need to make frequent adjustments.
  4. The bypass switch, again, allows full unaltered signal, so it can get quite stiff and loud but not unmanageable. This isn’t a real big issue if you go mute before you step on it.

Going back to the upsides, we didn’t run into any major challenges, which is excellent for a fairly cheap pedal. The knobs are solid, turning smoothly and capable of holding the adjustments. The delays totally functional. It can sit anywhere for long periods and still do the same fantastic job.

Is it for you?

Remember that it’s always about the delay. The YFD, for us, flawlessly provides a serviceable one – never mind the battery-lacking part. This is a classic tool, one that needs every ounce of creativity you can produce. Fancier pedals are perhaps only preferable in some cases because of the extra design-wise features. But for overall delay quality, you might want to knock yourself out with the YFD.

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