Dunlop GCB95F Cry Baby Classic Wah Wah Review

Dunlop GCB95F Cry Baby Classic Wah Wah Review

The legendary wah sounds from the 60s were created by Fasel inductors. Throughout the years, these inductors were unavailable to people, making it difficult to recreate the sounds. Dunlop, in a dedicated effort to bring them back, incorporated the inductor design onto the Cry Baby Classic – a pedal for all your lush tone and rich sweep needs. Here’s what we think of it.

Dunlop GCB95F Cry Baby Classic Details & Specs

  • Sports Italian-fashioned Fasel inductors made of heavy die-cast construction
  • Powered by a 9V battery or optional AC adapter
  • 100k ohm Hot Potz potentiometer
  • Retailed at $119.92; 3.8 pounds

Classic recordings all have the same signature vocal sweep made rich by Fasel inductors. To attain a similar, if not the exact type of tone, you would need one of Dunlop’s Cry Baby Classic pedals. The GCB95F features True Bypass alongside the Hot Potz and red Fasel inductor – the right combination for recreating the classically warm Wah.

It’s the perfect solid Wah pedal; the extra durability is exactly what you need for various gigs and needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or a more advanced player – going beyond the range you like can be possible with the help of the knobs. The sweep is generous, a great learning and experimental motivator. If we were to score this one in terms of versatility, we’re ready to give it an 8/10. The lacking 2 is merely room for improvement or enhancement.

Tone quality is consistent – for the warm vintage tones that make the Wah so coveted, Dunlop has properly integrated the Fasel inductor design. It’s not just capable of the fancy Wah tones; expect it to be a real workhorse, something you can bring around as it is compact, lightweight, and very easy to use. Simple, not too over the top in terms of performance, and the distortions produce the right distortion mixes.

We believe single coils or Strats are the most suitable guitars/pickups for this one. This is because brightness is the strongest tone quality the Cry Baby Classic can emphasize. For the price given, you get exactly what you give.

Is it for you?

In the case of Wah pedals, you don’t actually have a lot of options in the market. Hence, our recommendation. You may look up the Amazon reviews if you want to be more reassured, or you can just go ahead and see for yourself!

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