Ernie Ball PowerPeg Guitar String Winder - Review

Ernie Ball PowerPeg Guitar String Winder - Review

The manual winders from the old days can still come in handy but using them over time can make string-winding feel like a chore. Hence, the creation of motorized string winders. If you’re looking for a good string winder to get you started, read our review on the Ernie Ball PowerPeg Battery String Winder below.

Ernie Ball PowerPeg String Winder Specs & Features

  • Forward and reverse speeds (up to 200 rpm)
  • 4-AA-battery power, safety on/off switch
  • Professional, universal peghead that fits acoustic, electric, and bass guitars
  • Lightweight build (4.5 ounces)
Ernie Ball PowerPeg String Winder

The Ernie Ball String Winder is a popular tool among guitar and bass players, mainly because of its simple and quick ability to set up strings. “String weeks” can be excruciating, so it’s only right for you to get yourself one – if you have a dozen guitars you need to be prepped, the task could positively become something to look forward to instead of a tedious chore.

It’s retailed at $17.95; a great deal for a winder that’s been proofed to do the job for less than 15 minutes – about 70-80% faster than manual winding. Battery power is more than enough, although how long it lasts naturally depends on how often you use it. Amazon users typically say in between 20 to 18 changeouts, which can last for as long as 6 months.

Power, however, by relying on the type of batteries you use, tends to change or vary. This could be a problem when you change batts – just make sure to be cautious after doing so to avoid breaking strings.

The reverse capabilities also make unwinding convenient, something that manual winders really miss out on. It also has a lockout switch that prevents accidentally overtightening strings, so that’s a plus on its convenience and safety measure. Remember that it isn’t a tool for final tuning since its main job is to set the guitar up for the tuner.

All in all, it’s a very handful tool that you’ll be glad you purchased. Bottom line is this: it lets you wind the strings through snugly, something which could take hours to do on dozens of guitars. It’s lightweight and compact, making it handy for gigs, shows, or tours.

The technical setup is quite simple as well – there’s really nothing too complicated an instruction for you to follow. Durability score could be around 7 or 8/10 – normally, this one we leave to type and frequency of use. For the most part, there has been no complaint about durability that has stood out.

Is it for you?

We think it definitely is. This isn’t just one of those gadgets you might want to try your fortune on. It’s a great tool made for convenience unless you’re satisfied with just manual winders. It’s one of the strongest and most common power winders in the market today; almost as if it’s a staple for guitar and bass players. For less than 20 bucks, it’s very worth having

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