Nady DKW-3 GT Wireless Guitar System Review

Nady DKW-3 GT Wireless Guitar System Review

Nady DKW-3 GT Wireless Guitar System

In the modern music age, wireless is the way to go. There are plenty of options to get you started on the wireless experience, but we’ve made it easier for you by narrowing them down. One of them is the Nady DKW-3 GT Wireless Guitar System.

Nady DKW-3 GT Wireless Guitar System Details & Specs

  • Entry-level wireless system, including a wireless bodypack and receiver; up to 150+ ft of typical operating range and 300+ ft for line-of-sight
  • Interference-free performance by single-channel operation in the high-band VHF range (170-216 MHz)
  • DKW-3 receiver with ON/OFF switch, front panel volume control, ¼-inch output jack
  • Wide dynamic range with advanced audio processing circuitry
  • Input Level adjustment from the bodypack; 15-hr wireless operation powered by a single 9V alkaline battery
  • A secure connection for removable instrument cables by locking 3.5mm mini-jack
  • Retailed at $59.99; 1.9 pounds

The Nady DKW-3 Wireless Guitar System is an absolute package deal – along with the bodypack, it includes an AC adapter and guitar/audio cables for multi-pickup use. The “advanced audio processing circuitry” intended for wide dynamic range also prevents overloading of loud inputs or dull/loud background hissing. Said circuitry also helps eliminate the common “pop” noise coming from transmitters.

Only taking a few minutes to set up, the system can support various instruments with pickups – bass, electric guitars, ukuleles, and others. Given its entry-level status, we’re thinking this one isn’t really the best choice for expansive stage-ready gigs, but it should be great for small-scale, closed, or intimate gigs.

Cut-outs during mic use tend to happen if the placement of the receiver is off, so the whole “interference-free” advertisement may not always be true. A longer cable instead of the one provided may help prevent this problem.

As attested by some users, the system is more fitting for small venues but can still be used for professional rigs. About 30 feet of clear signal without cut-outs should work for the big stage but plug and play may be challenging or difficult if there’s a lot of interference coming from other transmitters/receivers around.

If you’re a regular, touring musician or organizer, then this system may naturally not be among your top picks. As for specific guitar use, signal compression may not clean up too much. It seems a bit more appropriate for mic use, although this doesn’t really mean that it’s useless for other needs. Nady is, in fact, known for designing and producing wireless mics since 1976; mic use is naturally is its most selling point.

Line-of-sight could warrant necessity for regular use, so this might not be your pick for your quick go-to system. Still, it can be very handy for home use or anything else that doesn’t require heavy transmitter/receiver unit use. It doesn’t seem to have any problem with the battery power delivery, so we wouldn’t worry about sudden power failures mid-use.

Is it for you?

Reliability is the most important aspect in the case of wireless guitar systems. The DKW-3 System is a good option for quick, small-scale jobs. Depending on the stage setup and how resourceful you can get with transmitters and interference in general, we suggest exploring what you can do with this one.

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