Sennheiser e906 Supercardioid Dynamic Mic for Guitar Amp Review

Sennheiser e906 Supercardioid Dynamic Mic for Guitar Amp Review

Sennheiser e906 Supercardioid Dynamic Guitar Amp MicrophoneThe e906 is part of Sennheiser’s e900 series, renowned for their uncompromising mic-for-amps quality. Primarily designed and produced for guitar amps, the e906 is also great for percussion and bass, making it a regular option for various musicians and pursuits.

Sennhesier e906 Guitar Amp Details & Specs

  • Flat-shaped design for guitar amp-compatibility made of extra-resistant reinforced metal body; shock-mounted capsule
  • Three levels of switchable presence filters
  • Super-cardioid pickup pattern for good isolation from onstage signals;
  • Fast transient response (40-1800 Hz; 2.2mV/Pa sensitivity)
  • Hum-compensating coil
  • Retailed at $198.13; 4.9 ounces

The e906’s dynamic quality makes it a dream mic amp for professional rigs, both stage, and studio needs. Based on the Sennheiser 409, this mic can transform any sound into a super-present tone. Design-wise, it perfectly adapts to a wide variety of amps, which is probably one of its stronger selling points – if you asked us, this convenience beats any other comparison we can presently think of. If you have amps with handles on top, you can easily dangle this one into any ideal position (wrap the mic cable around it carefully). Plus, it can even be used for drums since it can fit in cramped spaces.

Since it’s part of a series that’s highly sought out, you would probably ask if it’s the one you should get. The e906 is indeed one of the more expensive ones in its batch. But is it worth the extra money? We say yes.

Compared to the other units, it has more noticeable improvement in terms of frequency response. This means that with it, your sound can be fuller. The extra dollars you’re paying for will also include the three-way presence switch; so, if you want your highs, mids, and lows to be almost flawlessly heard, then you’re never in the wrong with this one. Expect bluesy lows, rich mid-modulation, and crisp highs altogether.

Mic choice generally depends on your preference and nature of use – the good thing about this mic is that it can easily adapt to whatever you want to use it for. This means you can play around with your tone depending on either venue, wattage, amp, wattage, or style. For its retail price, we say it falls under the “budget mic” section – buying the whole package means you no longer have to purchase extra gadgets to complete your setup.

Is it for you?

In all honesty, anything you get from the e900 series is already worth the investment. We recommend you go for the ultimate package, that being the e906 – it could have everything you need in a mic.

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