TC Electronic Clip-On Guitar Tuner - Review

TC Electronic Clip-On Guitar Tuner - Review

First of all, clip-on tuners are a great convenience for performances and practices alike. Several types of clip-on tuners in the market can give you fairly accurate tunings, but some – depending on reviews – can be more troubling than helpful. But if you’re looking for one that could help your pitch woes, read on for our review of the TC Electronic PolyTune Clip-On Guitar Tuner.

PolyTune Clip Specs & Features

  • Poly Tune technology (simultaneous 6-string tuning)
  • Easy-to-read adaptive display for breezy readouts
  • Capo modes with flat tuning
  • Durable, stainless steel design
  • Extra accurate strobe (+/- 0.02 cent) and chromatic (+/- 0.5 cent) modes

For a mere $48.98, the PolyTuner is a strong contender for clip-on tuners, design- and performance-wise. It’s small, maybe a bit on the diminutive side, but the readouts are most helpful – large and clear. Red lights for flat or sharp signals, green for perfect tuning. Sleekly designed, left-handed players will delight in knowing they can easily clip it behind the headstock.

The tuning modes start with standard chromatic and can be switched to polyphonic (if you need really quick simultaneous tuning). Its strobe mode is advertised as “ultra-precise,” but then again that can depend on the instrument you’re using and how you perceive pitch-perfect to be.

The polyphonic mode is impressive. One strum can let you know which strings are out of tune – something not a lot of other clips or even pedals can do. Once you pick a string, it automatically changes to single-string/standard tuning, which is very convenient for stage use. It can also show how different strings react or adjust to a new one, making tuning for new strings less of a chore.

Tuning for bass guitar is also available but could use some improvement – one review for bass on Amazon said it tends to switch back to polyphonic tuning even when it’s set to standard or strobe. TC Electronic has a FAQ video for bass, so this could potentially be a trouble for bassists. But since reviews can sometimes be isolated cases, we leave it to you (if you’re a bass player) to find out if this is true.

The price can seem a bit hefty as compared to other clips, but since it hits pretty close to what we consider accurate on all our guitars, it’s worth the investment. And it’s helpful if you’re a performer – a tuner with this tag can be expensive just for home use.

Is it for you?

A lot of other tuners can easily beat this clip in other aspects. But hey, for tuning itself, this one retains how accuracy truly is king. It’s also important when you know what you want out of a tuner. For basics, there are several reliable options you can easily look up. But for those who’ve just started with tuners, this one can sound too pricey. Quality and precision close to unmatched, if you stick with this one, you’ll be having a long-term tuner.

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