TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster Pedal Review

TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster Pedal Review

TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster Guitar PedalBoosters need to add depth and solidness to a sound, so finding the right one for you could be tricky. Just in case you need one as soon as possible, you might want to check out our review for the TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster pedal.

Spark Mini Booster Pedal Details & Specs

  • Analog circuit, up to 20dB of clean, full boost
  • PrimeTime Technology (seamless switching between two modes: latch and momentary)
  • Compact, lightweight, small footprint – ideal for various pedalboard sizes
  • Standard 9V power supply
  • Aluminum-alloy classic full metal design for durability and long-lasting protection
  • Retailed at $49.97; 8 ounces

The common frustration associated with boosters is either no change detected or too much change detected. The Spark Mini Booster from TC Electronic delivers just the right amount of clean boost – no over-the-top gains or extra manual effort on your part to get to the desired depth.

Almost diminutive compared to other boosters, the SMB can produce both solid lows and nicely biting highs. The only thing you need to make sure is that you don’t overload your input, so the highs don’t clip. This booster is also “soft-touch” type, so you might like how easy it is to switch. The main feature we liked the best are the modes: latched switching can turn on the clean boost after stomp and release, while momentary boost activates if you stomp and hold it down. Better sustains at that.

On the other hand, we noted one downside: the power input is placed on the side, which in design isn’t that friendly. This is because the input gets in the way of patch cables. It may also lack an EQ feature, but that just makes it simpler; and the simpler the better!

Going back to performance, however, we were super delighted to find no extra tone-changing features that make plug-and-play difficult. We didn’t need to crank up volumes, make more instrument or amp setting adjustments to boost what we wanted to be boosted. What you see as advertised is what you get – no coloration or any other undesired distortion.

The SMB, according to several other reviews, can even work with a variety of other pedals. At the very core it looks and is a plain clean booster, but we liked how true it stayed to its technical promise – this one packs a lot of power and so we think it’s a great steal.

Is it for you?

It should be! Anything that packs power and quality into one tiny source, all without giving any sort of compromise is a must-have. See for yourself!

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