About Us

Who we are

GuitarPartsCentral is two brothers originally from Central Florida, now located in SW Indiana, that decided to sell guitar parts. How simple is that? But seriously, we build our own bass guitars as a hobby, and were tired of overpaying for parts. Even though there are lots of online guitar parts stores out there, prices just seemed too high. So we figured that we could import decent gear at a good price, and then sell it to people that were looking for replacement parts or upgrade parts for their guitars. Checking the web assured us that there is still room for people that want to offer high quality items at low prices. So we did it.

What we sell

We sell upper-end imported guitar and bass guitar parts. We have been very careful to avoid the shoddy parts that flood the market every time a new Chinese factory reverse-engineers some product with actual quality. Similarly we have chosen to avoid selling the name-brand pickups and bridges, simply because the cost difference is usually higher than the quality difference.

Most of our parts are OEM for big-name guitar manufacturers. Many of the manufacturers purchase their hardware from the exact same manufacturer that we do. We do not attempt to dazzle you with super gloss packaging and big name rock star endorsements and the like. It’s good gear at very competitive prices, and most folks are happy with that.

It’s important that you know we stand behind our product. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee allows you to buy with confidence. Know that if you’re not satisfied with your purchase due to quality, fit or finish, or manufacturer’s defects, we will replace the item or refund the cost of the item.

Why are our prices so low?

Put bluntly, our overhead is near nothing compared to some of the larger competitors in the industry. We do not have $10,000 per month advertising budgets, nor do we employ 75 middle-management folks to do jobs that we can do ourselves. We do not have 40,000 square-foot facilities to maintain. We’re a lean mean guitar-parts-sellin’ machine. As a matter of fact, if you see prices that are lower than ours on any product that we sell, tell us! We’ll fix that for you in a hurry.

Our GPC PriceMatch policy guarantees that you will never pay more than you have to. If you see an item listed at one of our competitors for cheaper, we will match or beat that price. Certain limits may apply.

Why buy from us?

VALUE:  We search the web regularly to bring you high quality items at low prices. We purchase our stock directly from the manufacturer to bring you the lowest prices that you can get anywhere. Whether it's a low-cost maintenance item like strings, or a serious performance item like genuine Wilkinson tremolos, we're sure to bring you great bang for your buck.

FAST SHIPPING: There is no 3 day handling time, or waiting for your order to ship. When your payment clears, we ship your order. Period.

SELECTION: Again, we bring you everything from inlays to bridges to fretwire to tuning keys. You could practically build an entire guitar from the stock that we keep. If you need it, we have it. And check back often, as our selection changes from time to time.

KNOWLEDGE: Questions? Just ask and we'll provide expert advice to go along with your parts. Not sure if a certain part will fit? Confused about wiring diagrams? Just let us know, and we can help!


In short, we do our best to remember that the customer is why we are in business.