Our privacy statement: 

Like you, we understand that internet privacy is a serious matter. We do not distribute, give out, advertise, sell, or exchange your personal information. The only information that we collect from you is that which is necessary to transact business online. This may include name, billing addresses, credit card numbers, and email addresses. When you visit our site, we may place a cookie on your computer, which makes it easier for you to navigate our website. The only entities that we may share your information with are those that perform services for us in the course of doing business. This may include payment processing services. From time to time, we do send news briefs to update our customers on technical issues, updates, sales, or events that we believe you will be interested in.

Our security statement: 

Again, we take reasonable precaution against modern technological unfortunate events. While no system is ever 100 percent safe, we use software that is commonly known to be among the most secure available. We stay on top of software updates when they are deployed.  We use 128-bit security certificates. We employ SSL on our ordering pages. Credit card numbers are retained only as long as necessary to process the order. In short, we take security as seriously as you do.