2003 Marshall 1960AX Slant Extension Cabinet

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Here we have a 2003 Marshall 1960AX Slant Cabinet ready for the stage! Featuring 4 Celestion 12" Greenbacks that are sure to give you some mid-punchiness great for those power chords. This amp is in very good condition but has seen its fair share of stage wear and tear. Some small nicks/dings/ rips around the unit, a small stain on the grill, and a velcro strip on top. Besides the minor cosmetic issues, the cabinet works perfectly and is ready for many more years of gigging! Please Call or Email with any questions.

Standard Specifications

Amp Specs

Number of Channels N/A
Total Power/Type 100 Watts
Speaker/Size 4 x 12" (Celestion Greenbacks) 25w Each
Preamp Tubes N/A
Power Tubes N/A
Effects N/A
Inputs 1
Outputs N/A
Effects Loop N/A
Footswitch I/O N/A
Footswitch Included N/A
Construction Material Pine

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