Carr Rambler 1X12 Combo Amp in Brown Gator 02224

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The Carr Rambler is the go-to amp when we hear “Deluxe/Princeton Reverb but better.” If you replaced all the less-than-incredibly-awesome components in a ’65 DR Reissue, you’d end up with the Rambler. It’s the most balanced, articulate sounding clean amp we have heard. It’s as if you are listening to a DR but that’s been masterfully recorded, perfectly compressed, and then expertly mixed and mastered.

It’s also a perfectly portable combo amp, right around 45lbs, and with 28 or 14 watt modes, your sure to have the right amount of volume and headroom for most scenarios. A pair of 6L6 Power tubes generate the oomph and keeps the tones thick, warm, and rich.

The Reverb and Trem are to die for. The reverb is clean and bright but by no means lacking warmth and depth. The trem is classic Fender. Not super throb-y, but runs from subtle and smooth to deep and rhythmic.

Seriously, the Carr Rambler is as refined sounding as one could reasonably expect. It is so pedal-friendly, it actually helps make subpar pedals sound better. At about the same weight as a Deluxe Reverb in the size of something closer to a Princeton, the Rambler is the perfect grab and go amp especially with the selectable wattage.


  • Carr
  • Rambler
  • 1x12 Combo Amp
  • Brown Gator Tolex
  • Class A
  • Cathode Bias
  • 6L6GC Power Tubes
  • 3 x 12AX7 Preamp
  • 1 x 12AT7 Reverb Tube
  • 28/14 Watts
  • Pentode Triode Switch
  • Single Channel
  • Treble/Mid/Bass/Reverb
  • 3 Position Boost Switch
  • Reverb/Tremolo

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