Fender Custom Shop 52 H/S Telecaster Relic Faded Nocaster Blonde R99284

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This is a seriously cool Tele with a beefy sounding Seymour Duncan Antiquity Humbucker in the neck position. This adds an extra dimension to the tones this guitar can produce. Still a classic Tele in the bridge thanks to a handwound Broadcaster pickup so this guy can go from bright, biting and snarling to fat soaring leads with some serious low end beef that sounds perfect for comping Jazz chords.

I immediately appreciated the Reversed Control Plate. A feature many don't fully appreciate until they experience it. Having the Volume control with in reach of your pinky is a huge plus, especially if you fidget with the controls a lot. Even a manual tremolo is easily pulled off with the modded location. This also put the pickup switch out of harms way so there is no chance of you changing pickups while going crazy with the right hand.

The neck is a slimmed down Nocaster U shape. Thicker than an early 60's C shape but with less heft than a Nocaster. It's a very friendly feeling neck profile for those of us with average hands who want something not thin but can't handle a baseball bat. Topped with 6100 frets and a 9.5" radius, this guitar plays incredibly well no matter the chord, scale or position. 

Nocaster Blonde is a great color, born in the early 1950's and standing the test of time since. The grain of the Ash body peaks thru the trans finish gives its look plenty of depth. 

The Music Gallery has been a Fender Custom Shop dealer since their formation in 1987. We keep a bevy of about 50 Fender Custom Shop instrument in inventory at all times. Whether you're looking for Stratocaster's, Telecasters, Precision Basses or Jazz Basses we are able to help you design or find whatever the special instrument you're looking for may be!

  • Fender Custom Shop
  • 52 Telecaster Relic
  • Faded Nocaster Blonde Finish
  • MPN 9231010945
  • UPC 885978139255
  • Weighs 7 lbs 6 oz
  • 2 Piece Ash Body: Sorted for Light Weight
  • Rift Sawn Maple Neck
  • Nocaster U Shaped Neck Profile
  • .860" at 1st Fret
  • .920 at 12th Fret
  • 6100 Frets
  • 9.5" Fingerboard Radius
  • Nut Width
  • Bone Nut
  • Lacquer Stripped from Back of Neck
  • Seymour Duncan Antiquity Humbucker
  • Hand Wound Broadcaster Bridge Pickup
  • Caballo Tono Multi-OHM Tone Pot
  • Master Volume
  • Master Tone
  • 3 Way Toggle
  • Reversed Control Plate
  • Original Hardshell Case
  • Certificate of Authenticity


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