Harry Joyce High Gain 50 Watt Amplifier Head

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Introducing, the all new Harry Joyce ‘High Gain’ series designed by Amp Guru George Scholz in honor of the great Harry Joyce. This is an all tube circuit amplifier, designed to maximize the highest amount of gain from a tube possible while still maintaining clarity and dynamics. The two input design allows you to dial in tones ranging from the high dynamic clean and sparkly tones of David Gilmour on the low gain input to the high gain rock and metal sounds of Ritchie Blackmore on the high gain input. The amp was designed to keep the classic, indistinguishable sound of a Harry Joyce while squeezing out every bit of gain a 12ax7 has to offer. Doing this without sounding over compressed or muddy is a challenge, that, is where Mr. Scholz comes in. With his decades of experience in amplifier design and his years of friendship with Harry, George has been able to carry on the legacy and tradition of Harry Joyce like no one else could. This amp is a great tribute to Harry Joyce and we think he would be proud to have his name on such a great sounding, high quality amplifier.

Pictured With: Marshall Cabinet

Standard Specifications

Amp Specs

Number of Channels 2
Total Power/Type 50 Watts
Serial Call
Preamp Tubes 4x 12AX7HJ
Power Tubes 2x El34HJ
Effects N/A
Bass, Treble, Middle, Presence
Inputs 2x 1/4"
Outputs 2x 1/4"
Effects Loop Yes, 1x 1/4"
Footswitch I/O No
Footswitch Included No
Construction Material Baltic Birch, Dovetail Headbox

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