Rainsong CO-WS1000N2 Concert Series Carbon Fiber Acoustic-Electric 20034

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The Rainsong CO-WS1000N2 Concert Series Carbon Fiber Acoustic-Electric is an ALL graphite acoustic-electric guitar that is all about functionality, rigidity, and warm tone. This concert-size guitar boasts the lightest soundboard built by RainSong using their unidirectional carbon, a material that mimics the tight grain of a fine spruce soundboard. The material is impervious to humidity and temperature changes making it the perfect choice for anyone living in a drastic or shifting climate... so like, almost everyone!

The Rainsong CO-WS1000N2 is a wonderfully versatile guitar. Combining the best qualities of large and small-bodied guitars, the concert body shape is ideally suited for a variety of musical situations. A large, deep chamber gives the CO-WS1000N2 strong projection and rich bass. The narrow waist and tight upper bout produce ringing treble, good balance, and clear definition of individual notes. Overall, the Rainsong CO-WS1000N2 is impeccably balanced. The shapely curves and lightweight make the CO-WS1000N2 guitar comfortable to cradle while sitting or to stand with. The extra-deep cutaway encourages playing up the guitar's fretboard.

The Rainsong N2 neck is a result of an extensive, long-term collaboration with the renowned artist Steve Miller and master luthier John Bolin. The neck design is based on a modified "U" profile that has been popular in guitars since the 1950s. While the Rainsong N2 guitar neck has a more substantial feel than the original RainSong 6-string neck, it is ergonomically sound and results in a better transfer of string vibration energy to the soundboard. The N2 neck features a truss rod that is accessible from the headstock. Because Graphite does not warp or bow with changes in humidity and temperature, the purpose of a truss rod in the Rainsong N2 guitar neck is to give you the ability to customize the relief to suit your preferences.

This acoustic-electric guitar comes loaded with the LR Baggs Stage Pro Element Electronic System which makes this instrument useful in literally any scenario one could find themself in! Playing outdoors during the fall or winter? I feel for you but this guitar can handle it! Playing in 95-degree heat and 90% humidity? The RainSong will stay in-tune, and the LR Baggs Electronic System will keep your sound flowing.

Rainsong Guitars got the carbon fiber craze started years ago. They are the pioneers. And we have been with them for many of the steps along the way! We love their endless pursuit of making the best guitar in terms of craftsmanship and tone that they can possibly conjure up. Take, for instance, the Hybrid Series made from Crushed Glass and Carbon fiber. Rainsong Guitars keep taking steps to make their guitars sound more like famed Wood Acoustics but with the added rigidity of Carbon Fiber!


  • Rainsong Guitars
  • CO-WS1000N2
  • All-graphite Unidirectional Carbon soundboard
  • No soundboard braces
  • Abalone rosette
  • All-graphite body with no body braces
  • All-graphite N2 neck
  • Composite fingerboard and neck
  • Neck/Fingerboard are a single piece
  • Adjustable truss rod
  • Custom mother-of-pearl sharks
  • Tusq nut, saddle
  • Mother-of-pearl inlaid Tusq bridgepins
  • UV protective, high-gloss, clear urethane finish
  • Depth at end-pin: 5"
  • Lower bout: 15.5"
  • Body length: 19.5"
  • Neck width at nut: 1.75"
  • Scale length: 25.4"
  • Gotoh tuners w/1:18 gear ratio
  • LR Baggs Stage Pro Element Electronic System
  • Original Hardshell Case

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