Tune-O-Matic for Bass

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Add a great look to your project bass. Not only does this system look great but it has one feature that no other Tune-O-Matic has: the zinc saddles lock down tight on the bridge plate so you get full sound transfer. Beautiful, and stout, too; Almost a full pound total, and with lock-down saddles. Definitely a hard-to-find item, and much better than the cheaper eBay bridge with the sharp saddles.

Comes complete with bridge & tailpiece, bushings and posts. String spacing at the bridge is 0.71 inches, and string spread is 2.13 inches. Bridge dimensions are 4.41 inches by 0.86 inches, with a post spacing of 3.66 inches. Tailpiece dimensions are 4.80 inches by 1.14 inches, with a post spacing of 3.86 inches.

If you can find this cheaper elsewhere, let us know! Low low price! Available in chrome, black, or gold.