Used 1950's Fender Model 600 Amplifier in Tweed SN 4400

Sale price$499.99


This amp is in on trade. It is rather clean for it's age and it sounds phenomenal. A collector's item that is equally as fun to play thru: win-win! It's super small and light weight. Compared to some others we have seen online, this one is pretty clean. The tweed is in nice shape and the amp is fully functioning. Everything except the 2 prong plug is original including the leather handle and speaker.  However, the original 2 prong plug is included should you want to reinstall it (if you have a death wish). 

While manufacturers have gotten really good at making brand new guitars feel broken in, the amp world still has some catching up to do. You just can't fake a perfectly broken in speaker and an old power transformer doin' it's thang. Grab this little animal while you can!


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