Victoria Victoriette 6V6 1x12 Guitar Amplifier in Brown Tolex 7535

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The Victoria Victoriette is an amp that while not a historically accurate repro which is what Victoria Amps are well known for, this is a fresh on tried and true concepts. Blending the headroom of a Blackface Deluxe Reverb Fender and the dynamic response of a Class A British Amp, you will not be disappointed by the charm of the Victoriette! This fresh take on a vintage hybrid is built to impress in a completely original way. 

"The Victoriette possesses the warmth and clean headroom of a blackface Deluxe, with the character, charm, and dynamic response of a Class A British amp, but it is a knockoff of nothing. You gotta hear it to appreciate it’s unique voice, which can be shaped by a wide variety of speaker configurations, including a 2×10 or 1×12 (my personal favorite). Players become instantly enamored with this amp. It will make you smile."

  • Victoria
  • Victoriette
  • 1x12 Combo Amplifier
  • Brown Tolex
  • 6V6 power Section
  • Tube Reverb
  • Tube Tremolo

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